Cost-Benefit of EHR iPaaS

EHR Interoperability SAVES LIVES

An EHR-focused iPaaS is a cloud-based integration platform that facilitates the exchange of data between EHR systems and other healthcare applications, such as practice management systems, billing platforms, and analytics tools. It acts as a middleware, connecting disparate systems and enabling seamless data flow across the healthcare ecosystem. By leveraging pre-built connectors, APIs, and data transformation capabilities, E HR-focused iPaaS solutions streamline data integration, automate workflows, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Implementing iPaaS for EHR Evaluation & Recommendation

Integration Costs and Initial Investment Providers will assess the upfront costs, including iPaaS licensing fees, implementation, and any necessary prior upgrades, ongoing maintenance and support for system maintenance, updates, and technical support must be considered. 

Improved Workflow Efficiency & Time Savings EHR-focused iPaaS solutions eliminate the need for manual data entry and enable real-time data synchronization between systems, saving valuable time.

Enhanced Productivity & QoC Streamlined workflows and automated processes allow providers to focus on patient care rather than administrative resulting in improved productivity and QoC. By eliminating manual data entry and minimizing the risk of transcription errors, iPaaS solutions contribute to improved data accuracy, ensuring reliable patient information. 

Compliance and Security: Today's iPaaS solutions often come with built-in security features, helping             organizations adhere to data protection regulations and mitigating the risk of data breaches.

Scalability & Flexibility EHR-focused iPaaS solutions provide a scalable platform for integrating new applications and systems as healthcare organizations grow, upgrade or change. These solutions facilitate seamless data exchange between all systems, creating interoperability and enabling bested collaboration.

Cost Savings In a complex provider and payor setting, the integration is typically point to point. (one application is connected to another application by a direct connection ((API)). The EHR system needs to connect to many such systems (pharma, CRM, order entry, billing etc.) so the end result is what is known as a rats nest... Many individual connections that require care, monitoring by network engineers that would create a ton of overhead to ensure that data is being passed, passed properly and consistently thereby creating enormous overhead cost burden that can EASILY be eliminated. 

Conclusion In today's healthcare landscape, the interoperability and integration of EHR systems with other healthcare applications is crucial for efficient operations and improved patient care. 

Adopting an EHR-focused iPaaS solution offers numerous benefits, including 

  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Enhanced data accuracy
  • Greatly reduced cost of care 
While upfront costs and ongoing maintenance should be considered, the MODERIZTION advantages outweigh the initial investment.

At Open Ascension, we spend the time, energy and money it takes to investigate, vet and test all the solutions that we offer to our clients, customers and partners. In this category, it is very clear and unequivocable that the latest arrival to iPaaS market Founda Health is far and away a best of breed solution at an incredibly low price that supports all of the required protocols of modern day FHIR, is simplified to use and is truly CHEAPER, BETTER, FASTER. 

Contact us today to schedule time to discuss and see this New-age, purpose-built, cloud-born iPaaS. 


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